I just returned from our annual trip to Germany. I try to go once a year with our two kids to visit family and friends. Dad gets to stay home. We had a great time.
I love summers in Germany. Berries are everywhere  – to pick yourself and on the markets. I really miss that on Maui. Everybody thinks, in the tropics you can pick your fruit fresh from the tree, every time you set your foot out the door. It is partially true. I can look out my studio window right now and see a stock of bananas ripening. During mango season, mangos drop right on top of my roof (and startle me like crazy).
But what about berries? No berries over here – only imported ones, flown thousands of miles across the world – expensive and often tasteless.
Anyhow, I don’t want to complain! Germany was wonderful. I even made a trip down south to Ravensburg (we usually stay up in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg). I met with an editor of Ravensburger publishing – Maria Krüger to show her my portfolio and talk about a possible project – a set of three puzzles.
I am glad I took the trip. It is always so nice to put faces to e-mails and meet someone in person. The meeting went very well! I enjoyed meeting Ms. Krüger, as well as sightseeing through Ravensburg. And now, back home, I have started sketching on the set of puzzles, plus I am getting ready to work on two more Ravensburger projects – a puzzle ball and a few animal illustrations for 4 different game boxes. Fun!

But what I actally wanted to post here, are my three latest illustrations, which I did right before this summer. All three were fun and interesting projects.
The first one, was an illustration for COA Youth & Family Center. It went on the ceiling of a bus, showing the view out of a submarine to feature the local aquarium.

The second one was a book cover for a mystery book by Maddy Hunter and Llewelyn Worldwide.
And the third one: an illustration for Emory Medical Magazine showing a heart shaped box of chocolates, featuring different pieces of chocolates as well as 4 different ethnic faces and specific keywords.