This is the second year that I illustrated a poster for Alexander Academy of Performing Arts, here on Maui. This year the studio performed Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet Cinderella.

The first thing I usually do when asked to design a poster I look at what is already out there.


I wanted to create a poster that quickly reads “Cinderella”, as well as show that this is the ballet version of Cinderella.
Last year the studio performed Swan Lake. As both ballets play during the night, it was important to me to not show another blue-toned night scene, but have the poster for this year be more colorful, even though it would be depicting a night scene.

I would  say the most important Cinderella requisites are the broom and Cinderella’s lost shoe. I decided to show Cinderella dancing with the broom and incorporate the shoe by giving the stairs on which Cinderella loses her shoe special emphasis through the choice of opposite or complimentary colors, greens and pinks, orange/yellows and blues.

My first concept also had the moon show up as the clock that strikes midnight, but eventually decided against it, as I liked the simple shapes of the background trees, hills and clouds and it would have made the moon too large and added too much detail.



The studio performed 3 shows at the beginning of June to a full house! The performance was a huge success. Alexander Academy of Performing Arts features dancers of all ages and talent levels. Even though there was a significant difference between dancers as young as 3 compared to the lead  dancers, it featured many skillful, athletic and inspiring stage moments.