They are finally here! The new line of Clif Kid Z-Bars includes three new flavors, Keen Green, Purple Power and Awesome Orange.

It’s been a year since worked on these illustrations –  how time flies.
It started out with the client sending me photo compositions of their general and still very rough idea of what they envisioned for the box and wrappers.



They asked me to create a fun landscape for kids in which the ingredients of the different bars would form the landscape with possibly a road going through it.
To get started we decided to just focus on one of the flavors – Purple Power.




I came up with these three sketches. In order to fit in with the rest of the line of Clif Kid bars, it needed to show a kid character in the same style as is showing up on other Clif bars. We didn’t quite know yet what the kid was supposed to be doing, may be a kid on a bike or a scooter?

After several rounds of sketching we came up with a general landscape and the same road going through it on all three flavors. It was decided to show the character use a scooter.






I sketched out the landscape in black and white. People at Clif felt that the landscape was getting too busy and things needed to get reduce quite a bit.

And here are now the finals after many rounds of back and forth, reducing, simplifying, mountains in and mountains out, etc.







The project was already finalized and I had gone on vacation and come back, I had to start up again and put in figs as well as oats.  While we were all busy creating the landscape with the flavor giving ingredients, nobody had payed attention that oats and figs have a big part on the list of ingredients.
Again we just focused on the Purple Power illustration and I build in the figs with a little pile of oats.
Designer Veronica Cipto at Clif did the compositing later on her end.



And her are the finished Clif Kid boxes plus the wrappers for the bars! They are available at Target markets nationwide. I scouted through our Target here on Maui the other day, but somehow Maui got left out (I could fly over to Oahu though, they are available over there 😉 )


CK15_0943ZBar_FandV_POG_Caddy_3D_AO CK15_0943_ZBar_FandV_POG_Caddy_3D_PP CK15_0943_ZBar_FandV_POG_Caddy_3D_KG

ZBar_FandV_Wrapper_PP ZBar_FandV_Wrapper_KG ZBar_FandV_Wrapper_AO