I was recently asked by Ryan Chicago to do 2 illustrations for a display to feature Eclipse gum car cups.
One was for the top portion of the display, showing the view through a car windshield  onto an imaginary landscape, where the middle line of the road was made out of pellets of gum – yum!
The other one was for the side of the display, showing another landscape with a big illustration of the car cup hovering over the road.
The side illustration was made into a lenticular (a print that appears to move when viewed from different angles) Pretty cool!
I never saw the finished, printed display, but was told, it can be seen all over the US at different Walmart locations (it didn’t make it to our local Walmart on Maui, unfortunately. I walked through every isle, but could not find it 🙁   )
Working on this project for Ecplise gum was a lot of fun!
I enjoy coming up with landscapes, with cute little houses, rolling hills, beautiful skies and puffy clouds. When I work on a project as this one, I get a feeling of wanting to be there myself, driving down that road, getting out of the car and jumping through soft pillows of grass and probably picking up some of the gum pellets to chew on while I am there.
What a beautiful sight!
I wonder if a lot of illustrators know this feeling: when working on an illustration, you somehow create a second reality for yourself. You are so focused on the project, that you feel you are there yourself. This is quite a wonderful aspect of being an illustrator.  I guess this is also part of the reason why I am not into creating illustrations for horror stories.
I got some beautiful feedback from the client:

By the way, I would like to let you know that the illustrations were beautiful, with everyone at the client and here at the shop oohing and ahhing over them. Anne did a great job! It’s getting a lot of praise from both the Wrigley client and the Walmart folks, so well done!


It always feels great to get positive feedback!

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